VMware and Hyper-V Head to Head – December 2nd

Curious about how Hyper-V really stacks up against VMware? Where has Microsoft caught up with VMware and where do they still need to mature? There’s tons of opinions out there on the internet, but who can you believe? At the end of the day, it really all comes down to just one question; Can you trust Hyper-V with your critical infrastructure? While this session may not answer all your questions, it does endeavor to take a non-biased and candid look into some of the biggest strengths, and weaknesses, of Hyper-V when stacked against VMware from someone who is a definite fan of both. The session will also provide some of the reasons why Hyper-V will never do some of the things VMware does as well as how Microsoft is addressing some of them. Most importantly, we’ll discuss some tips and criteria you can use to help you decide which platform is right for you.

Speaker Bio: Christopher Whitfield is a Principal Consultant for Paranet Solutions and is a Microsoft platform specialist. He has been specializing in Microsoft Technologies for over 10 years focusing on AD, SharePoint, virtualization, and systems management. Chris also holds numerous Microsoft certifications as well as several partner specializations and is an active evangelist for Microsoft technologies, particularly PowerShell. When he’s not learning the latest technologies or sharing what he knows, Chris likes to bake and decorate sculpted cakes, engage in amateur woodworking, write songs, spend time with his family, and we believe he sometimes even sleeps a little…maybe.


6-6:30: Dinner and Networking

6:30-7:00: Announcements, and Business meeting

7 – 8:30: Presentation and wrap up



Microsoft Campus in Irving
7000 State Highway 161
Irving, TX 75039 US

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