Project Management Certification (PMI-PMP) Training assistance is available for unemployed professionals.

Here’s a post from linkedin by David Cannon on some PMP Training. 



FINAL CALL 2 SEATS LEFT: Project Management (PMP) seminar starts Thursday July 22 – 28 in Grapevine (Dallas) TX. Small size of 16 or less. REGISTRATION CLOSES TUESDAY AFTERNOON 7/13/10. 

Meets full PMI 35 hour/ 5 day training requirement with a brain saving weekend break in the middle to ensure you can recall everything we cover over all five days. Space is booked using a first to register basis if you want to attend under our hardship outreach offer. 

This outreach program is for unemployed professionals. This is NOT an exam cram. Target attendees need to be prepared to learn “how to do it” since this course is designed for practical daily use in your job. You could be PMP certified as early as ten days after the seminar. The seminar is fully accredited by PMI. Meeting days are Thursday-Friday with weekend rest break and finishes Monday through Wednesday = 35 hours. Upon completion you should have no trouble passing the exam. Our unique format is proven to make you sharper than other PMP job applicants. 

Hardship professionals attend along with our corporate clients. Same eligibility requirements and criteria apply as mentioned in previous posts. 

This easy to follow visually-based course provides clarity with a complete workflow showing you how PMI techniques are applied in step-by-step sequence from very beginning to successful end. You will spend over 50% of seminar time applying and integrating each of the PMI techniques in useful projects. 

If you are interested call 817-410-8000 to discuss the details. We are prescreening resumes to ensure the certification critera is met. We have never missed so far, therefore I encourage you to contact us if you are unsure about how your experience would or would not apply. If accepted, you will be required to pay your share of expenses including hard costs outside of our control, we are donating our time and effort to help you. 

Semper fidelis, 
David Cannon 
CertTest Training Center 
PMI Registered Education Provider # 2041

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8 comments on “Project Management Certification (PMI-PMP) Training assistance is available for unemployed professionals.
  1. Danny Sandefur says:

    Can you tell me what the criteria is to be eligible to take your class? I just rolled off my PeopleSoft project 3 weeks ago so I am now available to take a class.

  2. davecannon says:

    Hi Danny,

    PMI requires 2-4 years of work experience plus 35 hours of formal training. To be eligible you need to be unemployed without upcoming projects. If you are between projects you can signup for regular corporate rates. this outreach is for those without income.

  3. davecannon says:

    Eligibility includes 2-4 years of experience working on projects and at least 60 days unemployed without any upcoming projects. If you are interested, the first step is to sumbit your resume for pre-screening. The outreach is designed for professionals without income. If you are between projects you can register at the discounted corporate rate. As instructors we only work for free as volunteers to help those who have not been receiving paychecks.

    Warmest regards
    David Cannon

  4. Austin says:

    I am interested … can you please provide me more information on this class or future classes

  5. earlii says:

    I am currently employeed. Can you offer suggestions on where to go for PMI certification?

  6. frankhernandez2011 says:

    Mr. D Cannon,
    I have recently lost me job and am desperately looking to be able to survive here in Charlotte, NC. Most of the positions that are available at this time require to be PMP certified and I can not afford to pay for any courses, as a matter of fact I will have to borrow the money for the test.
    My question is, can I find a group that can help me with the necessary information to help me pass the exam and therefore be able to get a job? My goal is to be able to reemburse that group after I am able to gain employment.

  7. Dave Cannon says:


    Most of the eligible aid programs have run out of funding but you will have to get in line anyway – so do it. You need to check with WIA for your county, make appointment, meet with aid worker and cross your fingers. NONE of the aid programs cover the exams because certification is seen as a perk instead of job training requirement when compaired to other fields for entry level.

    CertTest moved administration of our training outreach to the churchs. Eligibility is unemployed at least 6 months, you make application for assistance and participate in your eligibility review. Several employed individuals between regular working contracts or just off for a few weeks were taking seats assigned for truly unemployed, people that really had no other aid option. Like the guy who pulled up in a brand new Eco-SUV with obviously no financial pain compared to someone who’s home is in jepordy of being foreclosed, with savings exhausted for being out of work over an extended period of months/years.

  8. Dave Cannon says:

    CertTest specializes in providing training for employed professionals. Call our new office 972-915-4000 for details.

    If you decide to attend we email your registration/invoice with our vendor information for your boss to sign & pay for your class.

    Your pre-study materials ship once we get the paperwork back. This allows you to start making progress immediately without wasting the first day on basic concepts & vocabulary.

    You will spend 5 days running projects with us instead of listening to some idiot panamine gestures while reading the book or powerpoint slides to you. Your first project starts in the first hour. We make it easier than you ever expected. 97% success rate

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