Please Excuse the Lack up Updates

My attempt to make regular updates to the site has failed. I think I have actually made less updates since changing the layout last time. I’m renewing my efforts and will again try to sharpen my writing skills by sharing my thoughts and updates around the group. I’ll start with an update about our next two events and topics we are thinking about presenting on.

Upcoming Events

We have two events coming up that are being organized by the DFW IT Professionals Crew. March 4th Clear is presentin on their 4G WiMax Technology and paying for the pizza. There will be a Clear Engineer there to present and answer quetsions as well as some local Clear Account Reps to help get you started using 4G WiMax. Our next event is March 11th and will be at Blue Mesa in Addison. For more information about these events check out the links below.

Clear Presents 4G WiMax – March 4th

March IT Networking Lunch March 11th


Possible Future Topics

We have 3 potential sponsors lined up who are interested in speaking on Virtualization, SharePoint, and Windows 7. Other topics we are looking at include Security for Enterprises, Cloud Development Platforms, and Unified Communications. The challenge we face when choosing a topic is the cost of food for our events. We are forced to either get a speaker/sponsor combo from someone or match a speaker topic with a possible systems integrator. Just the other week I received an email from a speaker at VMWare who was willing to come speak at one of our meetings. Unfortunately we can’t afford to sponsor the topic with our current bank balance. So if you have any ideas for future topics or potential sponsors please email me at



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