Download Latest Evaluation software for Virtualization, Server, and Cloud

I get asked all of the time, hey where is that or that software.  We are always coming out with new software you want to try, yes “most” (not all) everything we have you can try for up to 180 days for free.  The problem is, finding the download site.  Well I put together this blog post so you have what is currently available today, and what most IT professionals are interested in Please share with your friends!


Step by Step on we work with Applications

Datacenter or Enterprise editions to  look at Hyper-V

Free Server just Hyper-V No Windows Server (the real thing is Free)

VMware or Hyper-V can both be managed by this current product (new one is in Beta below)

Our Next version of SCVMM  What a better way to manage any virtualization.

Known as SCOM helps you monitor what’s going on real time with your operations

Known as SCCM, our product that helps you roll out servers and properly configure them.

The next version of SCCM, much more control of deploying large numbers of servers.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

MVA is a FREE training resource that will allow you to learn about Cloud, both Private and Public.  Learn on your own pace, gain points, get that advantage over your peers on the next level of IT products.   A few of the training sessions include:

  • MS virtualization for VMware professionals
  • Planning, Building and Managing our own private cloud
  • Office 365 for the IT Pro
  • What’s Windows Azure Intro


Try them all!

And if this is not exactly what you need, you can also to to the TechNet Evaluation Download Center and find everything an IT Pro could ever want to try out.

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