Have you Ever Seen the Chicago River Turned Neon Green?

This weekend I had the opportunity to spend 4 days in Chicago with my Friends. We stayed at a buddies High Rise Apartment in Lakeview East which resided on Lakeshore drive and a stone’s throw from Belmont Harbor. While I did miss some great Dallas Saint Patrick’s Day Festivities I really wanted to see the Chicago river Turn Green. I’ve included some pictures from my iPhone so please excuse the poor quality.

 Chicago River Turned Green Chicago River Turned Green Chicago River Turned Green Chicago River Turned Green

One of my Goals while in Chicago was to eat at some classic eateries. We had the opportunity to have a Deep Dish Pizza from Gino’s East off of North Wells. After that we headed for Weiner Circle in Licoln Park where the curse at you if you don’t know what you want a got a Chicago Hot Dog. We also hit up Smoke Daddy’s in Wicker Park for some Sweet Burgers and Mac n Cheese.  While I don’t have pictures of the food make sure you stop at one of these places if you make it to Chicago


I’ll leave you with this…Explore Chicago!

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