Hands On: Building a SharePoint 2013 in Windows Azure May 30th

Sharepoint 2013 logoOur friends at Microsoft Brian LewisKeith Mayer, and Matt Hester are putting on a Windows Azure roadshow that is coming to Dallas May 30th. There are two tracks, one afternoon track and one morning track so you can register for one or both of the sessions. Here is the Sharepoint 2013 description from Matt’s blog “May 30th Building a Microsoft SharePoint 2013 lab entirely in Windows Azure.  Again, at the end of this you will have a Microsoft SharePoint 2013 lab configured in your own cloud based lab in Windows Azure.” Read More on Matt’s Blog

Topic Overview

SharePoint 2013 offers many exciting new features, but you may not have spare hardware capacity to evaluate it on-premise.  In this session, you’ll learn the steps involved in leveraging the Windows Azure Virtual Machine cloud platform to build a functional evaluation and pilot environment for SharePoint 2013.  Best of all, you’ll step through how to get your lab started for free by leveraging the Microsoft Windows Azure Free 90-Day Trial program.  By the end of this session, you’ll also understand the architecture of the Windows Azure cloud platform for building similar pilot, development and test environments for other application workloads.

Technical Requirements:

Recommended: Although wireless internet access will be available, you may find that bringing your own mobile connectivity (MiFi™, phone data tethering, etc.) will be desirable.

The lab portion of this exercise will require you to connect to the Windows Azure Portal via a modern web browser where you will provision three separate virtual machines in the cloud and configure them each via a Remote Desktop client connection.  The lab materials are all online, so no special software is required to install or use them


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