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This week has been a record setting week in the Dallas Fort Worth area. We’ve seen ice shut down airports, rolling blackouts, and 6 inches of snow for a white February. This weather channel promises us warmer weather for the Super Bowl so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

A few brave souls made it out to the February 3rd User Group meeting at Microsoft last night for John Weston’s presentation on the future of Microsoft. As always I enjoy John’s insight into the Microsoft community and his story telling. One of the video’s John shared was a video montage of working Microsoft prototypes in everyday life examples. Features such as real time translation in video conferencing, touchscreen newspapers, multi-touch surfaces the 8 feet tall acting as video screens and drawing boards, peer location tracking and search via your mobile phone and much more. A short video of these working concepts can be found here (http://www.officelabs.com/projects/futurevisionmontage/) Visit John’s blog for additional information on the future of Microsoft and their existing technologies by visiting http://blogs.technet.com/b/jweston/. We hope to see you next week at our networking lunch as well as our March 3rd User Group meeting. More details on that below.


Upcoming Events hosted by the DFW IT Professionals

February 10th IT Pro Networking Lunch

DFW IT Professional Networking Lunch February 10th at the Blue Mesa Grill in Addison. The event description and address can be found here: http://events.linkedin.com/DFW-Pro-February-10th-Networking-Lunch/pub/522114.

March 3rd DFW IT Pro User Group Meeting

User Group meeting at the Microsoft Campus in Irving. More information is listed here:http://events.linkedin.com/DFW-Pro-March-3rd-User-Group-Meeting/pub/554301


In addition to our normal events I’m going to make a few additional social events outside of the typical IT Pro events which include the Texas Young Professionals Happy Hour February 10th http://typfeb.eventbrite.com/ and Geek Meet http://geekmeet.com/blog/february-networking-happy-hour. See you all next week. 



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