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Woman Calls Tech Show When Her Stolen Wi-Fi Disappears

Found this Video on Mashable. A woman called in Leo Laporte‘s Tech Guy Show. She called in to complain about her stolen wireless network disappearing and she even bought a new Wifi card that can find networks farther away.     

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Dallas Happy Hours This Week

I’ll be attending two Happy hour events this week. One on Tuesday Titled the “Last Tuesday Happy HOur” and another on Thursday held by Texas Young Professionals. I went to the last Dallas Texas Young Professionals Happy Hour and had

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Please Excuse the Lack up Updates

My attempt to make regular updates to the site has failed. I think I have actually made less updates since changing the layout last time. I’m renewing my efforts and will again try to sharpen my writing skills by sharing

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DFW IT Pros March User Group Meeting – Clear presents 4G WiMax

Today’s mobile networks were mostly designed for making phone calls (using 3G or Third Generation technology). However, 4G WiMAX networks are being built with the internet in mind (using 4G technology). What does that mean? That means service that goes

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